Poplar Linear Wood Grain

Poplar Linear Wood Grain

Catégorie: Uncovered

Poplar Linear Wood Grain En vedette

Latte mainly used in home, office, hotel, kitchen furniture and dressing rooms, as it is easy to cut and reshaped, also used in binding walls, ceiling, partitioning Nicely and attractive, and generally in decorative works, also it is great to be used as articulated or tractor doors. Latte Consists of :
First - Internal stuff : Latte consists of inside layer of white dried wood strips with moisture between 8°:10° and  intensity 470Kg/M3, strips are gathered automatically.
Second - External layer of uncovered board : Two layers of  veneer with thickness of 2.6 mm on every wood face in an opposite way with wooden strips.

Good Wood Characterized with the variety of its products of latte as we produce different sizes like 122×244 - 122×298  With thickness starts from 9 : 45 mm to be the first latte factory produce 9 mm latte, In addition we are ready to make many sizes and other types as per customers requests (122×255 - 122×260 - 151×250 .... )
Quality Guaranteed : in Good Wood we guarantee the quality of product even after it has been produced, if there are any Manufacturing defects.

  • code : Poplar Linear Wood Grain
  • Taille : 1220X2440 mm
  • épaisseur : 18 mm - 22 mm

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