• First and foremost, we have the honor to introduce Good Wood products to the Egyptian market; Good Wood has been operated in the wood industry since the late eighties. Good Wood started from being a small Bussiness to be the biggest manufacturer of high quality wood products (more than 70700 square meters, and 580 employee) and the Egyptian market leader.

    Good Wood has earned leadership in producing latte Products in the Egyptian market, with its well-known high quality criteria, it has used to satisfy most of the Egyptian market needs and that’s why it has been the favored one. After booming in the Egyptian market, Our Company started to fulfill the external markets through exportation and expansion.

    Good Wood has obtained many quality certificates : ISO9001 in 2005, OHSAS18001 in 2009
    Proudly Made In Egypt in 2016

    In addition to Good Wood name, and reputation, other structures with other responsibilities lie under this huge entity such as:- 
    Good Wood Egyptian Lebanese (Lebanon Branch) which was established in 1998 to invade the Arab countries
    General Wood (Morocco branch) which was established in 2006 in Casablanca 
    Ply Board in 2010 at Sadat city to manufacture our own raw materials.
    Good Wood exports to various countries like Libya, Sudan, Jordan, South Africa and others
    Good Wood is welling to establish more branches in the Arab and foreign countries.

    Mission Statement
    Our statements showcase our character in terms of professional experience. We ensure that we follow our ultimate goal to achieve in a legitimate way and with a lot of pride. Our team has come forward and instigated the organization with certain goals and targets. These parameters have given a huge amount of success in the preferred way and lets us to continue with pleasure and focused.
    Our Elements of Mission and Vision Statements are often combined to provide a statement of the company's purposes, goals and values. Our Mission statement defines our company's business, We plan our objectives and reach in an efficient way. Our Vision statement describes the desired future position of the company.

    Our Mission
    Our Mission is to provide wood working Industry with world class features and innovative wood products to ensure a perfect and an effective output. With the help of our team work and dedication, we thrive to provide a quality oriented products to our clients and customers.

    Our Vision
    Good Wood has a vision to take the Egyptian Wood Working Industry to a very high level on par with the International Standards. Good Wood is committed to the future, to use all the latest manufacturing technologies that are available around the world. Our vision is to gain the leadership of MENA region market in Wood Working sector and entire Good Wood team is working towards this vision.

    Our Values
    Trustworthiness: Good Wood reputation is always connected with transparency, and integrity.
    Technology: Good Wood equipment’s ensure highest efficiency.
    Innovation: Good Wood seeks new creative ideas to satisfy customers, and fulfill their needs.
    Respect: Good Wood cares, and respect their employees, and customers.
    Passion for what we do
    Independence to take smart risks
    Curiosity for new things
    Having a “YES” we can do it attitude

    Our Philosophy:
    Our philosophy is looking ahead, creating values for our products, understanding the new trends in the wood industry, exceeding expectations and always be ready for tomorrow.

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  • Since 2006, General Wood has been founded for the purpose of importing, exporting and trading wood Products with high quality standards; General Wood became one of the leading woods processing industry in Morocco. General Wood is characterized by, growth, selected manpower, high quality services, and their strategic thought.

    General Wood Mission is creating difference, and success in the wood industry through innovating and offering solutions covering the entire market.

    We aspire to bring Morocco, an enormous portfolio of a high quality standards Wood Products that anticipate our customer’s desires and needs. General Wood also aspires to be positioned as a profitable, and successful organization.

    1 eglilioz st., Industrial zone, ein el-sabaa, kazablanca, Morocco
    P: +212522666391  M: +212661599972 
    F: +212522673156