GOOD WOOD  Seeks continuously to reach with the Egyptian product to the global standards, therefore quality is our first goal, Goodwood has obtained many quality certificates. In 2005, we obtained the ISO9001 certificate for applying international standards of quality management systems. In 2009 we obtained the the OHSAS18001 certificate for applying  international standards of occupational health and safety management systems Our products have been tested according to the Egyptian standard specifications by the Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOS) and the National Research Center (NRC). Good Wood Product have passed all tests successfully. And our products have obtained a lot of conformity certificates Good Wood will not be satisfied to have a certain level of quality but we will always strive to develop and use the most modern, systems and technology to be exclusive at the top level. and In 2016, Good Wood successfully passed the tests of the Industrial Modernization Center ( IMC ) Review Committee and Obtained the Seal of Quality - Proudly Made In Egypt -

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